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Website Accessibility

Over the past 15 years we have been helping a wide variety of clients to engineer their websites so that they continue to provide the desired “look and feel”; but do so in a way that complies with the W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). As a result their websites are accessible to everyone.

Accessibilty has become such a major part of our work that we have set up a dedicated team and website to cover our accessibilty services. The site also contains a series of useful tutorials.

Our dedicated web accessibility experts and their panel of disable users can help you deliver a website that is accessible to all. For more information please visit our website accessibility site.


Make your site easier to use. Websites can be exciting and effective, but the most successful websites are those that place more emphasis on user experience than on technical effects. Visitors come to your site with certain goals in mind. It is your job to help them reach these goals as quickly as possible. If you can manage to do that, your visitors will be pleased and you have laid the groundwork for a positive experience. If you distract or confuse your visitors, they will either need more time to find what they came for, or they might forget their initial goal all together. Either way, they will not experience your website as user-friendly and chances are that they leave dissatisfied and with no intention of coming back.


Why not learn from your competitors? Our panel of experts and typical users can compare your site to the sites of your leading competitors. We will identify examples of “good practice”. Website bench-marking allows you to see what others are doing, acknowledge their strategy and, perhaps, use that knowledge to improve your own offering

Public Sector (e-Government)

Out team can help you develop an effective public sector web-site that improves service delivery and saves costs.