e-Government Services

e-Government has progressed to the point where it is now a force for effective governance (UN 2010 eGov. Report). As back-office infrastructure is well established in most countries, the emphasis has now moved to delivering effective and sustainable e-services, e-participation, and even e-democracy.

Local and departmental e-Government website accessibility

Our accessibility services can help you deliver an accessible web site that complies with the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities and W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). Our experts and panels of disabled users will identify and explain any current problems. We will suggest appropriate practical solutions together with on-going support and training as and when required.

National e-Government Portal consultancy

In partnership with the Third Millennium Expert Group (3MEG) our specialised e-government services can help you progress through the four stages of e-government (e-information, e-services, e-participation and e-democracy) to achieve UN�s Millennium Development Goal (MDG). Typically we start by delivering a GAP analysis and survey of appropriate global good practice. We then work with you to develop and deliver an effective implementation plan. On-going support is provided as and when required.