Usability Reports

An effective website is an important element of most companies' marketing mix. Websites can be exciting and effective, but the most successful websites are those that place more emphasis on user experience than on technical effects.

Our usability reports give a professional and independent evaluation of the effectiveness of your website from the viewpoint of someone matching your profile of a 'typical' user . These reports are designed to give website owners and developers an objective assessment of the site's effectiveness and to give recommendations for improvements. We do not undertake implementation of any improvements ourselves. but we give those responsible for the website a clear prioritized action plan. This way our independence is preserved.

Initially we look at the basic issues relevant to all websites :

  • How easy is it to find ?
  • What are initial impressions gained in the first few seconds ?
  • Is it clear what is being offered ?
  • Is navigating around the site intuitive?
  • Can the contact information be quickly found?
  • Can a selection of typical tasks be performed easily?

We then prepare a list of tasks relevant to the website and assess how easy, or otherwise, it is to carry out these tasks. This is carried out by a number of researchers and a panel of non specialist users with profiles selected to match that of a typical user. We always include some disabled people in our testing panels and conduct a full accessibility audit to ensure that our recommendations meet the needs of all your potential users.

All the findings are collated into a report divided into sections covering the areas of Content, Style, Navigation and Engineering. This makes it easier for the person or team responsible for that area to address any issues raised.

The report is delivered by email and we are happy to answer any questions arising by email or phone. For an additional charge we can present our findings either at your premises or at our offices in South London.

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