Website Accessibility Reports

This popular report provides a detailed assessment of the accessibility of your web site based on specialist analysis and disabled user panel feedback. It will tell you how usable the site is, what problems disabled people have accessing your web site and explain clearly how these problems can be fixed. It will also tell you which of the WAI guidelines the site meets at the Priority Level being assessed - Level 1(A) , Level 2(AA) or Level 3(AAA).

The value of a full web site accessibility report

Providing an effective web-based service is the cheapest way of doing business. Our accessibility report will provide you with the information you need to make sure that your web site is easy to use by everyone. If a person with a disability can use your site, purchase your goods or services, pay bills or claim benefits then everyone else can.

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All our reports come with on-going support to help you implement any required changes. Our Training and Accessibility Testing services help you to continue updating your site in an accessible and usable format.

What's in the web site accessibility report ?

The standard Userite Accessibility report includes four sections. We write our reports in easy to understand language, avoiding jargon and explaining any technical terms which we have to use.

Executive summary

This brief overview defines the purpose of the web site and highlights both good and bad points arising from our study. The section also explains the methods we used to obtain the information for the report.

Guideline Scores

The score sheet gives a precise indication of which elements need attention as they provide a "Pass, Near or Fail" score against the WAI guidelines being checked. Level 1 (A) Level 2(AA) or Level 3(AAA.

Report findings

The main body of the report is divided into sections covering content, style, navigation and engineering. Each section includes explanations of problems found, comments on good practice and suggested solutions. Comments made by panel members are included as well as relevant screen shots to help explain individual points.

Action Plan

Prioritized list of recommended actions to bring the site into compliance and generally raise the level of accessibility for disabled users.

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How we conduct the web site accessibility study

  1. Consultant explores the web site to establish its purpose and intended target audience. This is confirmed with the client.
  2. Technician audits the underlying HTML/XHTML code. This code is the foundation on which the web site is built and it is therefore essential that only valid code is employed if the site is to be universally accessible.
  3. Technician checks that the page content is structured correctly and that subsections headings, lists and data tables are marked-up correctly. We also check that any functional scripts have HTML/XHTML alternatives provided.
  4. Technician audits the style sheets (CSS) to check that they are valid and produce styles consistent with the WAI guidelines.
  5. Technician conducts a detailed accessibility audit using the W3C Accessibility Initiative (WAI) check-list for the level of accessibility targeted. This audit uses a combination of automated software and manual checking.
  6. User panel is selected and provided with survey instructions and a set of agreed tasks.
  7. Consultant collates user panel feedback and follows up any queries.
  8. Technician and trainers draw up any recommended solutions to any accessibility issues identified in the previous stages.
  9. Consultant collates the draft report combining input from the technicians and user panel members with his/her own research including screen shots and explanatory text where appropriate.
  10. Consultant and technician draw up a recommended action plan.
  11. Final report is compiled, proof read and prepared for dispatch.

All reports come with three months email support to help you implement any changes plus a web site accessibility test to confirm compliance with the WAI guidelines on completion.

Reports are normally written with reference to the WAI guidelines (version 2) published in December 2008. If you require, we can still deliver a report using the original guidelines (version 1) or the American government's Section 508 guidelines. Please let us know by using our Contact Form.

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