Accessibility Certification

Our accessible website certification service provides you with the evidence that you are meeting the appropriate accessibility guidelines, but more importantly, that your site has been tested by disabled users as well as accessibility specialists.

What is accessibility certification?

Userite will provide a statement declaring the level of accessibility of your website on completion of any accessibility test or accessibility report that we undertake. If the site passes our requirement for compliance with the W3C Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) or S508 guidelines, plus our user panel tests, we will issue a notice of compliance and permission to use the relevant compliance certificate. For details of what is covered please click on the relevant image below.

Priority level 1 certificate Priority leve 2 certificate Priority level 3 certificate

To maintain our independence we do not undertake repairs or recommend design agencies. We do provide training and support services at competitive rates (see our training section). Our primary aim is to help you create and maintain an accessible web site.

Why would I want an acessibility certificate?

There are several reasons why you might want Userite to certify the accessibility of your site:

  • You may be running a government funded website and require evidence that your site complies with the WAI guidelines in order to maintain your .gov domain status.
  • You may have a received funding from the European Commission. national government or other agency that requires that your webiste meets the accessibility guideline and disabilities discrimination legislation.
  • You may be creating a service or application that you would like to market to the US government. If you can verify that your product conforms with Section 508, you will have an advantage over other similar products and services that do not meet this standard.
  • You may want to prove to yourself, or others, that you have made the effort to build an accessible website and help to build an inclusive society.
  • You want to confidently proclaim that your site has an accessible web presence and has been certified by a recognized leader in web accessibility.

How long is the certificate valid for?

Userite web site accessibility certification is for a specific date and compliance level. It is up to you to ensure that your site maintains that level of accessibility over time. Userite can help you in these efforts by training your staff and re-testing your site upon request or at regular intervals.

How much does certification cost?

Charges for simple websites of up to around 50 pages are £249 (Level 1/AA or Section 508), £499 (Level 2/A/AA) and £599 for Level3 (A/AA/AAA). All charges subject to VAT. For larger, more complex websites, please use request a quotation. Don't forget that all our accessibility tests and accessibility audits come with a free re-test if you make the required improvements within a required time frame - normally 8 weeks. To request a compliance test for a simple website please use our WCAG test order form.