Priority level 1 certification

This is the most basic level of certification.

Priority level 1 accessibility certificate

The Userite level 1 certificate is awarded when the web-designer has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the site complies with the priority 1 (level A) WAI guidelines. This means that most disabled (and non-disabled) people will be able to work through your site, though often with some difficulty.

"A Web content developer must satisfy this checkpoint. Otherwise, one or more groups will find it impossible to access information in the document. Satisfying this checkpoint is a basic requirement for some groups to be able to use Web documents." (W3C)

This issues covered at this level include :

  1. Do all images have alternative text so that blind visitors know what the image is about, or what its purpose is
  2. Does video and/or audio content have a text based transcript available
  3. Are pages structured using section headings
  4. Are data tables structured using column and/or row headings
  5. If tables are used for layout, is the content presented in a logical way to screen reader that read one table cell at a time across the page.
  6. Can the site be used on a monochrome screen
  7. Can the site be used without a mouse
  8. Can users control any moving content
  9. Is the focus order logical when a keyboard user tabs through a page or form
  10. Are pages stable, it does not jump about when a user moves the mouse or cursor
  11. Are forms logical and is help provided if the user fails to complete it properly
  12. Is the HTML code valid