Priority level 2 certification

This is the recommended level of accessibility for all websites. The United Nations, European Union and most governments have set this the acceptable level for their sites.

Priority level 2 accessibility certificate

The Userite level 2 certificate is awarded when the web-designer has taken reasonable steps to ensure that the site complies with the priority 2 (level AA) WAI guidelines. This means that the web designer has taken steps to increase the level of accessibility for his/her website so that most disabled people can use the site as easily as anyone else.

A Web content developer should satisfy this checkpoint. Otherwise, one or more groups will find it difficult to access information in the document. Satisfying this checkpoint will remove significant barriers to accessing Web documents.(W3C)

The priority level 2 certificate covers all the issues at priority level 1 plus the following :

  1. Videos have an audio description and audio has a text transcript
  2. Text and images have a minimum colour contrast
  3. Pages are readable even if text is enlarged to double size
  4. Images do not contain text
  5. Headings and labels clearly explain their purpose
  6. Focus element such as "roll-over" buttons work for keyboard users
  7. Foreign words are marked up as such
  8. Navigation styles are consistent across the site
  9. Forms offer suggestions for correcting input
  10. Users are allowed to check. change and confirm forms before submission