Testing website templates for accessibility

Most corporate websites are built using a series of templates to define the overall look and feel for groups of pages. Our template accessibility testing service is designed to help during the development stage of creating a website. By checking a template's accessibility before it is put into production ensures that you have an accessible platform into which you can safely insert your content.

Our template testing service is undertaken by one of our experts who will test each template for :-

  1. Valid and efficient HTML or XHTML code
  2. Valid and effective CSS code
  3. Compliance with W3C Accessibility guidelines
  4. Overall usability using a variety of browsers and accessibility tools (screen readers etc. )

The test result will explain each problem found and suggest at least one suitable solution. As part of the service we also provide email support and a final re-test so that you can be confident of achieving fully accessible templates quickly and easily.

Pricing for template accessibility tests

  • For a single template: £325 +VAT
  • For each subsequent template (same website): £275 +VAT

If you would like to order a test or discuss your requirements with us please email sales@userite.com or use our Contact Form. Note that when your site is complete you may wish to have a full Accessibility Report or an Accessibility Test and Certification carried out. Prices for these will be offered at significant discounts where we have previously tested one or more templates on the website.