Website Accessibility Training

In all our courses and training we concentrate on explaining practical problems and solutions. Our courses cover the WAI and Section508 guidelines as well as other important issues that we have experienced over many years experience of working with the Internet and disabled web users.

On-line Tutorials

Our on-line tutorials are designed for those who would like to learn the fundamentals of web accessibility at their own pace in their own environment. The tutorials follow the stages of building a website and explain how to build in accessibility as you go. Each tutorial has a discussion area for comments and feedback. The course consists of 12 topic areas which are each broken down into manageable sections.

The course covers the following

  • How disabled people use the web
  • Producing accessible content
  • Creating and applying visual styles
  • Including images, multimedia and scripts in an accessible manner
  • Creating accessible forms and effective navigation systems
  • How to test a website for accessibility
  • Explanation of the W3C/WAI guidelines (WAIG)

Visit our Tutorial section for more information.

Creating Accessible Websites - Introduction and Awareness

This half day course provides an introduction to the issue of web accessibility for anyone with responsibility for publishing, building or maintaining a website.This awareness session explains how disabled people access the web, demonstrates the types of problems they encounter and how to avoid them. The course explains how the UK Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) affects websites and gives an introduction to the generally accepted Web Accessibility Initiative Guidelines published by the Worldwide Web Consortium (W3C/WAI). For more information on topics covered and course dates go to Foundation Accessibility Course for more information.

Creating Accessible Websites - Technical Workshop

A one day workshop demonstrating how to create and maintain accessible websites that comply with the W3C/WAI Guidelines. This course is aimed at technical staff who are responsible for building websites and maintaining the underlying HTML code. This is a hands-on session with exercises to help students gain a practical understanding of the issues involved with web accessibility. The course assumes a general knowledge of the HTML code system. For more information on topics covered and course dates go to the Technical Workshop page.

These courses can be run at your own premises or a a mutually convenient training centre. If you have any other training needs in the areas of web accessibility, or would like a tailored course please email details to , use our Contact Form .